Immobilie: Zu verkaufen, Top - Bauland an der Traumstrand Playa del Carmen zu verkaufen - Pazifik Mitte, Costa Rica


Nr: 2041

Zu verkaufen, Top - Bauland an der Traumstrand Playa del Carmen zu verkaufen
Immobilienangebot Nr: 2041
Standort: Costa Rica, Pazifik Mitte, Puntarenas, Mail Pais
Preis: US $ 1000000
Grösse: 10000
Einkaufen: 2
Strasse: 0.2
Schulen: 1
Jahr: 0
Zimmer: 0
Schlafzimmer: 0
Bäder: 0
Parkplätze: 0
Sicht: beautiful mountain and Sea view


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Perfect location for a Top surfers gathering spot at Playa del Carmen

This large piece of beach front paradise has a park like setting with its many trees and right in front is one of the favorite surf spots in the area! Situated on a white sandy beach with crystal clear water and a perfect shore break for beginners and advanced surfers. No rocks underneath and safe for the entire family! 

If you are looking for a business opportunity in a tax heaven country you should consider this beautiful property. It is the ideal location for a surfers gathering place on the top end level. Many V.I.P.’s already discovered the area and build their summer residence here or visited this town already, f.e. Mel Gibson, Giselle Bündchen, Leonardo di Caprio to name a few.

This property has the 2 most important features for a success story: perfectly located in a small beautiful beach town which is crowded with stars and starlets.

Tourists come to this part of the beach to watch the beautiful sunset and have a sundowner because of the easy access and good infrastructure. No need for high advertising spendings! No waiting period with high costs until tourists discover the location! It’s right there in the center.

The concession property right on the beach, measurement: 10000m2 with a wide frontage of 60 Meters, zoned for Hotel, concession is granted for the next 20 years. At request we will send you the information on the zoning and his regulations.

Other very important facts that give more value to this property : 

There are 2 water sources on the property, first a well and second the property has a legal water hookup from the municipality-very important to obtain building permits




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