Immobilie: Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito - Pazifik Süd, Costa Rica


Nr: 2255

Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito
Immobilienangebot Nr: 2255
Standort: Costa Rica, Pazifik Süd, Puntarenas, Golfito
Preis: US $ 1360000
Grösse: 1700000
Konstruktionsgrösse: 80
Einkaufen: 8
Strasse: 0.3
Schulen: 12
Jahr: 0
Zimmer: 0
Schlafzimmer: 0
Bäder: 0
Parkplätze: 0
Sicht: beautiful mountain and Sea view


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Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito
Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito
Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito Zu Verkaufen, 170 ha Farm bei Golfito


FARM PROFILE: San Miguel del Valle Unified

This property is unique, is formed of 5 farms together, its topography is amazing views across the valleys, mountains, majestic HILL ANGUCIANA, Laguna Sierpe with its large mirror, its waterfalls with Natural Caverns, ITS AMAZING NACIENTES (eYE oF WATER PLAY VIDEO) and the beauty of the sea view of the Golfo Dulce, its great tranquility, its cool climate and disturbance free SONICA (DE 500 A 850 masl), your animal habitats and beautiful hillocks full of so much life, but their livestock agricultural potential and fertile land, is also SUITABLE FOR TOURIST DEVELOPMENT aND OTHER PROJECTS.

AREA: 170 hectares
DOCUMENTS: Drawings and Writings and ready to go out early writing.
Topography: Flat and Flat Semi
ALTITUDE: 500 to about 800 meters.
DISTRIBUTION AREA: 80% pasture land area, 20% area tacotales for agriculture (irrigated planting beans and corn) and mountain-area
ACCESS: the Pan American Highway 7 km on gravel road to the northeast, and the town of Golfito and sea 19 km
WATERS: very rich in springs and rivers, waterfalls and thick jet CAVE (SEE VIDEO)
CONSTRUCTION: a rustic house in fair condition
This is a kind of hard to find farm is totally a beauty, rich in perennial waters with a larger boundary or limit and walking in the middle part of the property he laughed. with amazing waterfalls cascading, and CAVE WHERE CAN WALKING DISTANCE OF MORE THAN 15 METERS, a public road divides and runs on more than 3 km, is entirely uptown flat, forming in one viewpoint over 20 hectares, which is seen in all its beauty sea of Golfo Dulce, the majestic Laguna Sierpe, Valleys and Plains Sierpe, La Guaira, Rio Bonito, Prawns, the Coto and Cedros the Biological Reserve Golfito, the Golfo Dulce Forest reserve, Piedras Blancas National Park, Corcovado National Park, Cordillera de la Fila de Cal, a beautiful unspoiled mountain and part of hILL ANGUCIANA also as you ascend on the property their beauty ocean view is so beautiful and impressive.
It has a cool climate, is the PORT GOLFITO 19 kilometers, where you can get all the Bank services, Municipal, Legal, Medical, Hospitals, future Marina, in trade Freeport, enjoy the sports fishing Sea open and artisanal fishing among others.
And at a distance of FUTURE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 55 MILES SOUTH, whether this property is zero pollution SONICA, WATER, AIR.




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