Immobilie: Zu verkaufen, 20 Apartmentanlage, bei Lourdes-San Pedro - Zentraltal, Costa Rica


Nr: 2638

Zu verkaufen, 20 Apartmentanlage, bei Lourdes-San Pedro
Immobilienangebot Nr: 2638
Standort: Costa Rica, Zentraltal, , Lourdes de San Pedro
Preis: US $ 1450000 (US $ 1750000)
Grösse: 1615
Konstruktionsgrösse: 2005
Einkaufen: 0.2
Strasse: 0.1
Schulen: 0.5
Jahr: 2004
Zimmer: 80
Schlafzimmer: 40
Bäder: 40
Parkplätze: 20
Sicht: beautifull moutain view


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Zu verkaufen, 20 Apartmentanlage, bei Lourdes-San Pedro


The property is located in the San Pedro de Montes de Oca; an area clearly defined as residential and commercial, and governmental institutions are located nearby. 

Facilities and services:

Streets are in good conditions. There are good connections to  the rest of the city.

The area has basic public services, such as energy, drinking  water, sewage, street lighting and telephone connections. It is close to churches and governmental and state institutions, in general.

Issues related its future value:

The property is located in a high capital gain area, thanks to  its location. The value of this area is rising considerably.

Description of the property .

Area of the property:

The property includes a lot have an area of 1615.72 m2, which  applies a proportionality coefficient of 1.00000 for a total area  corresponding to value of 1615.72 meters

Shape and front:

The property has an almost rectangular, with a paved road  frontage of 37.99 meters and a depth of 42.53 meters by giving  us a front to back ratio of about 1 to 3

Irregularities and Topography:

Topography is basically flat. No special irregularities were found.


The property boundaries are: to the northeast public street, 

Description of the building . 

Area and Layout:

The construction consists of two apartment towers three levels,  which shows the distribution of apartments with three bedrooms,  two bathrooms, kitchen and dining room stacks additionally  presented in the outside parking areas, additionally features a  storage area and machine room, guard house and green areas.

The age of the building is approximately 10 years. The building measures 2004,94 square meters approximately.




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