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Costa Rica emigration or just spend wintertime?

… then you should definitely have a look at Costa Rica, the “Latin American Switzerland”. Here some attractive, tropical and multi-cultural oasis were established where you'll find globetrotters, pensioner, people searching for peace or individualists who just like to settle down and feel comfortable.
Costa Rica is a country of contradictions, in only a few thousand square meters there are various climate zones, topographically different and varying flora and fauna.

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Real Estate Costa Rica - purchase

That's why they call it “pura vida” in Costa Rica: Sun, beach, nature and exotic ambiance – This is living in the tropics. At the beaches on the pacific side or in the Caribbean, inland around the capital San José where it's considerably cooler or in the higher mountain regions in the middle of the rain forest, everybody finds its place in the sun in Costa Rica!
With its raising tourism and investments, Costa Rica became a fast seller in the US, Canada and Europe. Because of the benefiting exchange rate of Euro and USD, Costa Rica offers an interesting alternative for those who are keen on investing in real estate or the others who'd like to fulfill themselves this dream of living close to nature in a warm, exotic country.

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Costa Rica is a booming country - foundation of a company or investment?

Costa Rica is an emerging nation with a racy growing economy and all in a politically stable environment. The law is valid for all (no matter if you have a residency permit or not), the necessary infrastructure is available, rates and taxes are low and the administrative processes simple. So, why not invest into the future? The ones who take a chance, win …

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Costa Rica - Services

Are you an emigrant, an investor, a drop-out or generally interested? So you can count on an individual, personal and absolutely competent service at all times and wherever you like it in Costa Rica! We are able to offer a broad variety of real estate in all parts of the country and we provide advice and help with all your Costa Rica matters. We'd be pleased to consult you.

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Bargain properties

  • Copal - Nicoya Halbinsel

    US $650000

    Copal - Nicoya Halbinsel

  • Playa Coyote

    US $90000

    Playa Coyote

  • Santa Teresa

    US $2500000

    Santa Teresa

  • dos Brazos en Rio Tigre - Puerto Jimenez - Golfito

    US $179000

    dos Brazos en Rio Tigre - Puerto Jimenez - Golfito

  • Los Reyes - Alajuela

    US $1500000

    Los Reyes - Alajuela

  • Playa San Miguel

    US $450000

    Playa San Miguel

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