Just like in Europe or the US also in Costa Rica you'll find insurances for every purpose and in every price category. Depending on what insurance you are looking for, it could be wise to invite various offers.

Health insurance

The national health insurance CCSS is for sure the cheapest, but of course the benefits will not reach the level of a private insurance. Should you really get ill, a quite  uncomfortable process has to be passed through! Nevertheless, all benefits and services will be granted!

Please note: People who are not holders of a residency permit, are not able to join the national health insurance and those who are must join!


Private health insurance policies can be effected all over and internationally. The biggest one in Costa Rica is for sure the INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). With this insurance company also people who do not have any residence permit can contract this insurance. But nevertheless, please compare offers!


Other international insurance companies that offer health care policies: 

Car insurances

Besides the annual tax (Machamo) you also need a car insurance should you have a vehicle, this would then be the third party liability insurance. Just like anywhere else, you are free to effect additional, optional insurances.
Of course INS does offer insurances in this division, too, but it's not the only one:

Residence and theft insurance

With INS ( that is encouraged by the government of Costa Rica, the tariffs grade according to the declared data of the real property value and the region it is located in (e.g. Danger zone for earthquakes).

Following annual rates are valid at this time for a possible actuarial cover, the example is calculated for a house in Escazú:

Fire and lightning :
Various risks:
Landslide, wind and water:
Breakage of glass:


The theft insurance is separately calculated according to a list of all your valuables and the costs are 1,2060% of the total value. If your house is specially protected (proof will be needed) against theft, the tariff will be lower.
Please note: the above percentages are based on a basic package, so if the insurance provider inspects your property and declares the location as dangerous (e.g. close to a river with flooding hazard), the rates will rise! There are also tariff differences if your choose to effect an insurance in the local currency Colones.

And it's valid also here: If you have questions and need solutions for your problems, we are available to help you at any time! We have the knowledge and the intention to help you!

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Bargain properties

  • Copal - Nicoya Halbinsel

    US $650000

    Copal - Nicoya Halbinsel

  • Playa Coyote

    US $90000

    Playa Coyote

  • Santa Teresa

    US $2500000

    Santa Teresa

  • dos Brazos en Rio Tigre - Puerto Jimenez - Golfito

    US $179000

    dos Brazos en Rio Tigre - Puerto Jimenez - Golfito

  • Los Reyes - Alajuela

    US $1500000

    Los Reyes - Alajuela

  • Playa San Miguel

    US $450000

    Playa San Miguel

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