Costa Rica stories, People who came, made and found their happiness

People who came, made and found their happiness

Yes, there are some people who one day packed their suitcases and said "goodbye" to their old homeland in order to start a completely new life here in Costa Rica. They were looking for happiness and satisfaction ... did they find both? What kind of people are they and how did they manage it? Could they fulfill their dreams and goals? Did they imagine their life here differently or at least easier?

One thing is very clear! For all emigrants it was for sure a piece of freedom that they took for themselves and for all of them it was a jump into a new adventure. It must have been an incredibly great feeling to leave behind the security of Europe or the US and to settle down in completely new surroundings. Freedom and tension on their best ...! OK, eventually there was also a little bit of anxiety and some mixed feelings, but if you read some field reports, you'll find out that those people who came here, found their inner tranquility and you'll also see that despite all inconvenient sides of being in an emerging nation, the beautiful parts of Costa Rica and the life here are worth all of it!
At this point I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that I found my happiness, mastered the challenge and still experience new and exciting adventures that I wouldn't like to miss. Pura Vida!

Following some Swiss examples: read them yourself and who knows, eventually you get  the last little push that brings you to us or shows you a way into a new life! Here you get some stories that are stunning, let you smile or just because they are interesting ....

Otto Klöti – a life for the coffee

Already in 1948 Otto Klöti arrived in Costa Rica, but actually he only wanted to help his aunt. But his passage became his destiny and his love for the country, the people and the coffee made him stay. Coffee carried him into his occupational development and Otto learned the business fast and perfectly and so he became an aristocrat in terms of coffee! Yes, Otto came to Costa Rica, seeded and harvested! A success story to show off with:

Johann Dähler – the king of pineapple

From Bangui in the Republic of Central Africa where he worked as an instructor, through the Ivory Coast where he climbed up to be the king of pineapple for the first time, Johann Dähler found finally his way to Costa Rica.
Here, Johann Dähler is in business with big concerns in Switzerland, learned a lot from his earlier mistakes and now has hardly any problems anymore with his fruit plantations! Johann advocates the organic cultivation and loves his pineapple like crazy! A tumbler just like written in the book!

But also they succeeded:

Urs Thoma – Don Ursulo Cigars -
... one who transmigrated to produce cigars .... and they are absolutely to dream about!

Nicole Gosset – Cielo de los perros -
... to save dogs became her main interest ... and now she has hundreds of dogs!

Reto Rechsteiner – Swissol
... he made the sun his partner .... and succeeded!

ARA Tours – Latincoming
... a merging of several partners and a successful project!

... and of course there is also:

Roland Hunziker – Real Estate Costa Rica - ... who will always be eager to help with words and deeds, to make sure also your plans become a success story!

And what do the rich and famous?

And here at the end also some faces or better names you probably know! Also they secured themselves a little piece of happiness here in Costa Rica. Who knows, eventually one day the will also say goodbye to the stress and tightness of their homelands to live here for good or at least escape for some time and enjoy the sun, the calmness and the nature ... to experience „pura vida“?

Mel Gibson - Brittney Spears - Gisele Bündchen - Tim Robbins - Susan Sarandon - Sting - Bobbie Phillips - Harrison Ford - Selma Hayek - David Hasselhoff - Jennifer Lopez - Donatella Versace - Roberto Cavalli - Shaquille O'Neal - Janet Jackson - Carolina Herrera.

... just to name only a few of those who already let Costa Rica into their hearts!

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