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Almost in every region, nearly all Costa Rica and anytime we will be able to offer our services! Following you'll receive an overview of services offered, but please do not hesitate to ask us about other subjects too, because first of all, this list isn't a final one (e.g. we can also organize your wedding or other events) and due to our good contacts we are always able to fulfill further wishes!

Let us help you! Concerning your stay in Costa Rica or a project, you'll for sure experience everything much easier at once ... exactly: pura vida!

The reason why we can help Since 1996 we've been working in various domains and therefore maintain good connections to lawyers, translators, auditors, embassies, architects, constructors, travel agencies and a lot more! This can really help facilitate the immigration or your simply your stay and with those contacts we can offer ideal assistance anytime and anywhere in Costa Rica. We know the country and the people, are aware of what to do and to round up our strength ... we speak English, Swissgerman, German, Spanish, and Italian! You can count on us anytime and anywhere and have a competent, loyal and efficient partner!

Free services

In the real estate business All over Costa Rica we are able to offer a lot of different properties and in all categories and sizes.

Our offers: Houses Condos Mansions Hotels Restaurants Farms / Homesteads Forests and whole mountain regions! Of course we also provide other investment such as various projects, reforestation, existences or other investment types and objects. Exactly ... there is something for every investor or any budget!

We also have a very good network of broker colleagues, who have offices on the beaches, such as Playa del Coco, Tamarindo, Falamingo, Playa Grande, Samara, Playa Coyote, Montezuma, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Tambor, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal, Osa, Golfito, Central Valley (Atenas), Caribbean, etc., and will love to show you more options.

An individual consulting and a customized service – completely according to your needs – will facilitate the classification and for sure can help you decide!

If you wish to buy a property: Object inspection, we'll be there or at least organize them Verification of the purchase subject or even take over the whole purchase process for you Pre-clarification and clarification with a lawyer Preparation of all documents and papers, so the notarial contract will be only a small detail Dealing with all scheduling Assistance with the actual contract conclusion Management of properties Reforestation (Teak, Laurel, Pochote, Melina and others)

If you need us, we would be pleased to assist and/or consult you also after the purchase! Building construction Should you decide to build a house, of course also here we offer all necessary services! Project planning Construction management Construction or other necessary permits Placement of architects and craftsmen Consulting about solar systems for water treatment or power generation Organization of various needs in the construction business (e.g. water connection, telephone lines, electric meter and so on)


Not everywhere in the country, but in some regions we are also able, of course if you wish and in cooperation with experienced architects and craftsmen, we can also take over everything, from planning, construction management to completion! Economically Should you consider to form a company because you like to buy a property or out of whatever reason, we will pleased to stand by your side and help you to succeed.

Lawyer visits Scheduling Register entries Formation of a stock corporation other other types of companies Organization of all necessary documents or identification Organization of the legal books Administrative paperwork and permits of all kind Opening of bank accounts Registration of business Import-Export processes and permits (e.g. pets, cars, household goods, merchandise and services of all kind) Translators or placement of translators Start-up aid for a business with tropical fish or breeding of Tilapias If you wish, we are also able to manage your company for you! We can take over the inspections, the payment of employees, insurances, electricity, telephone, water, Internet, taxes and so on! Should you need a business idea or build up an existence, we could also stand by your side and help. Residence permits We can also save you the fight through the jungle of authorities a great bit, should you decide to accept our help obtaining your residence permit.

We'll make contacts with adequate, trustworthy lawyers, explain to you how to obtain permits, help you to go through all forms and organize appointments.

Services free of charge for existing customers If you already are one of our customers or customers to be, we offer the following services absolutely free of charge: Consulting about flight routes / prices to Costa Rica Booking of flights, hotels, rented cars trips, tours and so on Organization and reservation of adventure tours Organization of airport transfers to you hotel (transfer prices not included) Personal and individual consulting concerning real estate Planning and organization of object inspections (with or without escort) Placement of skilled workers over all professional divisions Clearance of all your questions about Costa Rica You have a problem??

We offer the solution! Paid support and services Unfortunately we can not offer free service and all services, since these can involve considerable effort and expense to you.

Enclosed Payable services.

-Sightseeing tours with our vehicles;

a) Without night depending on number of miles between U.S. $ 50 - to $ 100.

b) Multi-day tours, for expenses of the car, insurance, food / drinks, accommodation, etc., for the accompanying person, per day U.S. $ 150.

- Virtual office with PO box address in Costa Rica U.S. $ 250 - per month.

- Management of companies, depending on the effort

Bargain properties

  • Copal - Nicoya Halbinsel

    US $650000

    Copal - Nicoya Halbinsel

  • Playa Coyote

    US $90000

    Playa Coyote

  • Santa Teresa

    US $2500000

    Santa Teresa

  • dos Brazos en Rio Tigre - Puerto Jimenez - Golfito

    US $179000

    dos Brazos en Rio Tigre - Puerto Jimenez - Golfito

  • Los Reyes - Alajuela

    US $1500000

    Los Reyes - Alajuela

  • Playa San Miguel

    US $450000

    Playa San Miguel

Properties Costa Rica

  • personal consulting
  • indivudial assistence
  • object inspection
  • verification purchase object
  • registers / cadastral studies
  • transparent execution
  • company foundation
  • residencies
  • bank accounts / cel phone lines
  • project planning


  • management
  • survey of land
  • land and environment studies
  • construction assistance
  • solar systems
  • reforestation
  • real estate management
  • dealing with authorities
  • insurances
  • support / advice

Local Team

  • Costa Rica expert
  • estate agent
  • travel agancies / hotels
  • lawyers / notary
  • accountants / translators
  • topographers / engineers
  • construction companies / architects
  • carpenters / electricians
  • solar technicians / and so on...